Innovation Challenge

John Lewis Innovation Challenge 2018

We would like to thank everyone for entering the 2018 John Lewis Innovation Challenge, the competition has now closed for this year. We hope that your pupils thoroughly enjoyed taking part and creating an innovative solution to a key sustainability challenge.

Congratulations to the Innovation Challenge 2018 winners:

1st place - Brimscombe Upcyclists, Brimscombe CofE Primary School

Brimscombe Upcyclists chose to design and make a rucksack with an attached hood that folds away into a pocket. The rucksack has high-vis straps, is waterproof and even has the added detail of interior pockets. The judges were especially impressed with the level of research, testing and thinking which was put into the design, together with the excellent overall finish and execution of the final product. 100% of the surplus blazer was used to make the final product. 

2nd place - 6R's Stationary, Rose Hill School

6R’s Stationary created a folder with the added benefit of pencil storage to reduce the need for separate folders and pencil cases. The judges were impressed with the way in which the team managed to retain the look and feel of the blazer but in an entirely new product which has both style and functionality.

3rd place - Eco Dogs, Rose Hill School

Eco Dogs decided to make a dog coat from their blazer and used all of the hem, alongside one of the pockets and a button to give structure to their design. The judges were impressed with the innovation process which was demonstrated by mood boards, together with their final product which looked very fetching on their canine models.

Runners up -

Future Kidz, Howell’s School

The all-girl team from Howell’s School impressed the judges with a hat they designed and created as a product for children undergoing chemotherapy and those suffering from alopecia. The team outlined clearly how they worked together as a team and overcame challenges to execute a functional final product. 

The Rookwood Trail ‘Blazers’, Rookwood School

The Rookwood Trail 'Blazers' showed creativity and innovation by transforming their blazer into a house inspired door stop. The judges were taken with the level of care, detail and decorative elements which were used to create a cute green cottage design with pink stitching. 

The Recyclables, Rose Hill School

The Recyclables chose to reinvent their blazer into a handy couch caddy. This product caught the judges attention because of the way in which the team had thought about what they would find practical and applied it to their final product. The couch caddy can hold a remote, iPad and a pair of glasses.  

6R, Wessex Primary School

6R decided to make a stationary box that would help to keep a desk or locker neat and tidy. The team showed clearly how they’d overcome challenges of gluing the fabric on the wrong sides by using the blazer pockets to give more space to holding pens and pencils.

The Blazer Changers, All Saints CofE Junior Academy 

The Blazer Changers impressed the judges with the originality of their octopus cat toy. Blazer buttons were used as eyes and the team bought a bell to accessorise the octopus and make it extra appealing for cats. 

Mermacons, St Matthew’s Primary School

The Mermacons spotted that unicorns are popular in shops and so decided to use a unicorn design on their upcycled blazer cushion. The cushion is double sided with a rainbow unicorn and functions as a tooth fairy pillow for children. The judges were impressed with the level of detail and overall finish of the product, together with the thought process behind it.

Beardall Bear and Co, Beardall Fields Primary and Nursery School

The team impressed the judges with their ability to upcycle an old footstool using their blazer and clearly demonstrate their teamwork in action. The team ensured they only used items which were going to be thrown away so they could create something eye-catching, usable and sustainable. 


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