About us

Bringing Skills to Life is John Lewis's flagship education programme.

The ambition from the outset has been to equip and inspire children with the mind-sets, skills and practices for creative thought and action, as it is these life skills which fuel our ability to innovate and drive the economy forward.

Our curriculum-linked resources and competitions are designed to help you nurture children aged 3-11 to:

  • Become creative and innovative thinkers
  • Develop practical skills
  • Collaborate on idea-generation and problem solving

The resources link together, supporting cross-curricular learning, so you can delve as deep as you want across our themes.

To get started, explore one, two or all of our five themes:

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There’s always more to discover and we’ll send registered users relevant updates, competitions and challenges.

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We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or simply want to find out more about what we do you can email us at skillsforlife@johnlewis.co.uk.

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